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SURFCAM What's NewWhat's New in SURFCAM 6

The SURFCAM "What's New" document contains a detailed look at all of the improvements in SURFCAM 6, including:

  • Interface changes
  • Updated SURFCAM 6 Help System
  • SURFCAM Utilities
  • New toolpath strategies
  • Updates to licensing
  • FaroArm and MicroScribe updates
  • ...and much more!

Check out the What's New in SURFCAM 6 document


SURFCAM Quick Start GuideSURFCAM 6 Quick Start Guide

The SURFCAM 6 Quick Start Guide helps you get up and running with SURFCAM:

  • Installation instructions
  • List of files and structure that are installed by default with SURFCAM (Installation File Structure)
  • Preview of new icons associated with the SURFCAM.EXE as well as SCPRT, SCEDU, SCCTL, SCHPT, SCMOD and SCTPL files
  • Navigation icons including Next, Previous, Expand/Collapse, Print and email
  • Samples of the new SURFCAM 6 User Interface
  • A complete listing of the different product menus including the TRUEMill and Multi-Cut options

Check out the "SURFCAM 6 Quick Start Guide" document


SURFCAM Directory and File StructureSURFCAM 6 Directory and File Structure

The SURFCAM Directory and File Structure helps you find SURFCAM files on your system:

  • Default Installation Folders for Windows 7 and Windows XP
  • List of SURFCAM 6 Prequisite Installation Programs (included with SURFCAM 6)
  • Detailed list of SURFCAM file types
  • Locations of new licensing files and logs
  • All program executables included with SURFCAM (and available as an option)

Check out the "SURFCAM 6 Directory and File Structure" document